Jazz and Blues Made Easy

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Lesson Run Time: 141 minutes / Release Date: 01/01/2008

Learn chords, comping, basslines and improvisation over the Blues. The DVD is a great place to start if you have about 1-2 years of piano under your belt.


Ellen says:

I have been checking out the lessons on this website for a while, but I am so scattered, I always jump from lesson to lesson without finishing. Tonight I finished this DVD, went from start to finish over several days. I practiced each segment and moved on to the next. And surprise, surprise, my playing has improved:) Great lesson, I am going to go back and practice every thing again! Thanks Willie, you are a great teacher.

Barry says:

Playing and Resting brings to mind a Dizzy Gillespie story. Supposedly one of Dizzy’s new, young sax players played an involved solo
during a set. After the set, Dizzy took the young man aside and said, “You know, when you’re taking a solo, I want you to think of a
note, and then don’t play it.”

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