In a Sentimental Mood is a jazz composition by the great Duke Ellington. It has been played and recorded by many jazz artists since it was written in 1935 and has become a popular jazz standard as a result. In this article we’re going to examine certain aspects of this tune in a jazz masterclass […]

This jazz masterclass article will present a few different ways to go about playing a jazz standard like a pro in a quick, straightforward manner. We will discuss some basic concepts (and an advanced concept or two) that can help you tweak your playing using the first 2 measures of the beautiful jazz ballad “When […]

Bossa nova piano playing is but one of many different styles that we piano players need to practice – but what a fun and challenging style of piano it is! Bossa nova is a style of Brazilian music and (in the jazz world) is often characterized under the catch-all label of “latin jazz.” The most […]

So, you’re playing with a band. Perhaps you’re in a cover band, a jazz band at school, or even a band that writes and performs original music. Or maybe you’re planning to do some playing at a local jam session. Here are some tips from years of experience playing in various bands. Playing With a […]

Advanced jazz harmony. That’s the topic for this article. And this is going to be an article that you’ll all want to check out because we’re going to give you 3 awesome tips to use in your playing. These are tips that will not only help you achieve that pro sound in your playing, but […]

In this article we’ll take a look at some excellent jazz piano tips and apply them to the classic jazz standard “Body and Soul.” These jazz piano tips can be used on any tune, provided you understand the core concept. Gaining that understanding is exactly what we’ll focus on here. These jazz piano tips are […]

The phrase “rhythm changes” refers to songs that use the same chord changes as Gershwin’s famous Broadway hit “I Got Rhythm.” In a previous article we discussed some tips for approaching this well-known chord progression, including some hints for memorizing the form, adding some chords on the bridge, and doing some chord substitution on the […]

The jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” has been recorded by many popular jazz artists and is widely recognized by listeners, making it a “must-know” tune that should be in the repertoire of advancing jazz players. In this article, I will share three tips for how to approach this tune to help you be fully prepared in a jam […]

Hi and welcome to this Willie Answers. I got a great question from Antonio in the forum and he was asking about Charles Mingus’ Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. Beautiful ballad and he was asking the final turnaround is a B7 chord leading to the first chord which is an F7 chord. So let’s pull up […]

In this hangout you’ll learn how to fill in chord progressions that span for a measure or more. Have you ever wondered how to fill in between chords in your piano arrangements? Well, this hangout session will give you new techniques to try right away.   PianoWithWillie members can download the sheet music for this […]

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