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I’m 3 months into my membership and just want to tell you that your the best! I start to translate your teaching to my way of understanding and grasping it with some notice of success. I tell you I am very happy with how you share your knowledge in a meaningful way. I WILL OWN IT.

Larry Brown
Student Since 2015

The 30-Day Success Playbook lessons were exactly what I needed to get oriented to the massive resources available on the Piano with Willie website. They provided me a no-risk, engaging way to self-assess my current level of piano knowledge and technique so I could identify if Home School Piano or Piano with Willie would be more suitable.

Willie is able to cover a lot of material very efficiently while providing great examples, stories and context to aid the learning process. I’m looking forward to moving forward with a year’s membership to Piano with Willie.

Gord Hopkins
Ottawa, Canada
Student Since 2015

As a self taught amateur of jazz piano I struggled for years to play piano in small groups. I spent hours listening to my idols, searching for the right tones and lines, but mostly it didn’t sound as I had heard it and as I wished to sound. Once I finished my trial and error method I got a hint from a friend, which guided me on Willie’s website.

With the help of Willie’s tremendous method, with his clarity in his elaborated instructions one is able more and more to come to understand the secret of playing and sounding good. He explained the art of playing jazz piano in such a comprehensible way, which is unique. Listen to Willie and you will understand what I mean.

Many thanks to Willie for all the things I have learned from his online-school-system, which is more than I am ever able to work out. There is material for years to work on. I’m happy for the progress I could do with the help of Willie, which gave me the chance of producing a CD last year together with fantastic musicians in the region where I live.

Reiner Ziegler
Student Since 2010

Lonnie Moseley
Oakland, CA
Student Since 2008

If you are at all interested in understanding, learning, playing or improving your play at the piano, you must investigate this superb pianist and teacher. I know a great technologist (which Willie is) as well as a great educator. The sheer volume of consistently prepared piano lessons in all styles and range of instruction is not matched anywhere–not anywhere. Even if you are working, put Willie’s lessons on in the background. Not only will your musical vocabulary be strengthened but so will your brain’s neuropath ways. You will never be bored with Willie’s range of music lessons in jazz, blues, rock, Latin, gospel, funk, chord construction, theory–at all levels of skill. He’s absolutely amazing.

Sachin Deshpande
La Jolla, CA
Student Since 2013

One of the best things about the site is Willie’s commitment to make the best online experience for his students.

Your lessons have not only taken me to the next level, but given me a much clearer path on where to go next.

Billy McCafferty
Denver, CO
Student Since 2015

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Darby for the organ lessons. I have been wanting to learn about this for ages and am thrilled to have the chance at last. Have watched 1/2 of the first lesson so far and it is excellent. Very excited to have this opportunity to learn all about organ playing (even though I haven’t got a Hammond. It will help me to really understand how best to use my Roland VR-09 clone). 🙂

Student Since 2011

I’ve been a member of pianowithwillie.com for approximately six years now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ve learned so much about how to play the piano. Willie’s instruction is so clear, and he makes the most complicated aspects of music theory very easy to understand. But the most important aspect of Mr. Willie Myette is his character. I had an opportunity to speak with Willie over the phone. He was so patient with me, and was genuinely concerned about my piano understanding, and how best to learn to play the piano as well as I can. I highly recommend pianowithwillie.com. You’ll be thoroughly pleased with Mr. Myette, and his organization.

C.L. Wright
Apopka, FL
Student Since 2009

I was extremely excited when I found out Jazz Edge was offering a chance to play with a live band. There were two sessions in the “This Can’t Be Love” lesson. The first part was almost 2 hours of live instruction in how to play the song. This included, not only how to play it straight but also how to comp the song and a short tutorial on the scales and ideas for improvisation. The second session was playing with the live band. I didn’t know what to expect because I had never played with a band before. It was an incredible experience just to sit in with the professionals and see how they interact. It seemed like the drummer, bass player, and Willie could almost read each other’s minds. Anyway, I would take another session like this in a heart-beat. It taught me many things as well as made my rhythm problems obvious to me. Now I know what I need to work on. I highly recommend the experience.

Doug Kelly

Doug Kelly
Tucson, AZ
Student Since 2014

As a self-taught intermediate piano player, I’ve always had a problem with piano teachers. They will teach you something more advanced in a lesson and you’ll eventually ‘get it’ but if you are not using it every day it will fade from your memory and while you remember a bit, you’ll need another lesson or more to reinforce the content. I find this especially true when I learn jazz methods and then spend time on classical for a few weeks.

Piano with Willie has changed this for me.  You can pick up a new technique, say quartals, play through the lessons but then return weeks later to refresh the parts you did not quite get or which you have forgotten. It’s like having a library of techniques at your disposal which you can refer to anytime and at your own pace.


With Willie, my playing has improved greatly and I would recommend his programs unconditionally.

John Metcalfe
Los Altos Hills, CA
Student Since 2009

My name is Beasley Reece. I’m a former NFL player and currently the Sports Anchor for CBS3 TV in Philadelphia. I would like to thank Willie for unlocking the mysteries that have held my Piano advancement in a stagnant place for many years. Willie’s teaching method and the interactive website made the difference for me. I work at night so having the lessons available in between newscasts or anytime I have a few minutes is important as well. The site is safe and secure. I join the monthly payment program in the winter and cancel in the summer when my focus turns to Golf and travel. Never a hassle to sign up or drop out. I recommend Willie’s program to anyone looking to improve technique, theory, or just add a few songs to the resume.

Beasley Reece
Philadelphia, PA
Student Since 2010

I was very excited when I found PianoWithWillie, Willie has a great method that takes you through interesting (but not ridiculously hard) arrangements that also teach you the fundamentals you need to create your own arrangements and work from fake books or to improvise on existing arrangements. Willie does a great job of breaking down “the magic” that it takes to truly be able to play your instrument instead of just memorizing notes on a page. He covers many popular styles and all skill levels. There’s so much information in the lessons, you find that you get more each time you go through them. Ultimately it takes work to learn an instrument, but I believe Willie makes it as painless and satisfying as possible.

Tom Barrett
Mohnton PA
Student Since 2010

I can’t thank you enough for what your lessons have done for me. I’ve come to realise that learning anything new in life whether it’s sport or the arts one has to allow himself to give into your desire physically and mentally and prepare yourself cause you won’t be the same person at the end. You’ll have grown with your desire and learnt new habits that will reflect your new skills and outlook on life. I happy to say I’m listening to music again but my taste in music has changed and it’s all for the good, I guess I found your lessons and the right time of my life. All I can do is stay true to myself and keep up the practice! You are a great teacher and good soul for what you are doing, keep up the good work.

Peter Herrera
Student Since 2013

So I have learned more about actual practical piano playing in 2 years than all the expensive reading dots lessons previously. Long live Willie Myette I say, worth every dollar spent, and a very inexpensive means of achieving goals whatever your ambitions. ALL FRUSTRATED PLAYERS PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. Willie is the most wonderful patient teacher who explains everything in great detail. In fact I wish some of the Professors at my old University had been half as patient it would have made a Civil Engineering Degree a lot easier.

Lloyd Rees
United Kingdom
Student Since 2011

Ron Guarascio
New York
Student Since 2014

Willie has a great passion for teaching, as a former teacher myself I can appreciate his passion. That passion is contagious it rubs off on people, it rubs off on me I know I’m passionate about it now and primarily a lot of it is due to the fact that I found PianoWithWillie. He cares about his students and that caring was exemplified in that offering the half hour follow up lesson. He is easy to understand he can go as in depth as you like, he can keep it as simple as you like. He really is a down to earth guy and a wonderful musician. I look forward to staying with Willie, I’m a member of his site now and I look forward to many more years of piano playing and hopefully my piano playing– i know it will– will improve and get even better in the years to come with Willie as my teacher, so if anybody out there in piano land is looking for a good piano teacher in any genre of music, any facet of the piano I strongly recommend PianoWithWillie.com.

Kerry Beaumont
Student Since 2011

I’ve been doing PianoWithWillie lessons for 5 years now, but i’ve been playing the piano for most of my life, so I’ve had many teachers. I can sincerely say that my experience with PWW has been my best musical educational experience. With PianoWithWillie it’s like I’ve got a box and I know that all the pieces are there and whichever piece I need be it improvisation, or accompaniments, or rhythm, I know I can find the piece on the site and it’s  recorded there so I can go back and look over it again. I find Willie a fabulous teacher, he answers all my queries before I’ve asked them and he’s good fun, I can’t really speak highly enough about him how enjoyable and rewarding my experience has been with PianoWithWillie and I’ve improved a great deal over the last 5 years.

Thierry Notermans
Student Since 2009

Willie’s website is just great, it constantly evolves, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of features. There are hundreds of hours of instructions of different types of music. Jazz Blues Funk Latin Gospel Rock. As far as I’m concerned, I never get a full understanding of the lesson the first time. What is cool about it is that you can come back to any lesson afterwards to complete your own puzzle. Learning piano is for me like making a puzzle, piece by piece. With the existing content of the website I’ve enough for the rest of my life I think and the website is updated every week, so every week you get a new lesson to work on.

I appreciate the way you do not speak down to your students, and the way you clearly enjoy teaching. It’s your manner that makes the process as enjoyable as the goal, so thanks. While all your competitors do well in at least one area, your site stands alone for combining breadth and depth in foundational skills and song titles, with a top-notch teaching style. Thank you!

James Squire
Lexington, VA
Student Since 2011

I have been trying to learn how to play jazz standards for quite some time. My goal is to be able to play the piano using some cool sounds and not sound hokey. I have been through a few teachers in my life and although they were very good, and I learned a lot from them, I found that we would reach a point where I had exhausted their knowledge. This is far from the case with Willie.  He has so much material on his website, Piano With Willie, that  there is always something new to learn.  He also presents the material in a way that makes it easy to understand so that practicing isn’t a difficult task. He will teach you concepts so that you can use them on many tunes.

Donna Palmari
Winter Park, FL
Student Since 2009

Back in 2009, a friend brought me a promo video for Jazz Piano. I was impressed and decide to call about it. Five years of learning with Willie has expanded my horizons exponentially. Willie is an incredible teacher! His method of breaking down concepts and songs is excellent. What’s nice is the ability of replaying the DVD to learn. I’ve got approximately 80 of his DVD’s. I can honestly say they are all good. Willie has saved me literally thousands of dollars I would have spent in lessons. That is, if I could find a teacher to learn them from. In closing I would say, Willie shows you the path, but we still have to do the work to walk and know it.

Bill Gibbons
Ontario, Canada
Student Since 2009

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