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Formed in 2006 and based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, PianoWithWillie is a family-based business with a dedicated and talented team of staff and teachers.

Meet Willie

Growing up, we didn’t have the money for me to take private piano lessons. Instead, my dad showed me how to play chords and scales at the piano. I’d go through his piano books to learn as much as I could, but learning from books as a kid was difficult. As a result, my piano upbringing was unconventional, taking from this source and that source to try to learn what I wanted to learn...how to play songs. I was given a gift however—the desire to learn. So, I taught myself how to read music and improvise and furthered my “less traditional” path to learning the piano.

At 16, I discovered my passion for teaching and a knack for breaking down complicated piano concepts thanks to my unique approach to music. Since then, I’ve published over a dozen music books and created PianoWithWillie, a method for all ages and abilities.

Willie has both been involved in the arts for over 25 years. Willie has written dozens of JazzKids® music books, toured with his group Katahdin’s Edge, given workshops throughout the US and abroad, published by Alfred® and Melbay® music publishers and still performs several times a month with various musicians and vocalists throughout New England.

Willie Myette
Jazzedge Team

Kerry Milauskas

Kerry is the Student Services Manager at Jazzedge. As the liaison between the students and Willie, she provides customer and technical support in order to ensure that everyone's experience on the site is a positive one. Kerry started playing piano when she began working here in 2013. Starting as an absolute beginner and going through Willie's lessons has been a great way to connect with the students of the site while allowing her to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing piano. She has been a big part of making new students feel welcome and pointing them in the right direction to further their musical goals.

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