30-day, Piano Success Guarantee

Typically, online learning sites do not offer any guarantee or refunds on memberships. This holds true for the “big boys” like Google and Lynda.com, all the way down to other piano learning communities.

I wanted to do something different for my students so I created the PianoWithWillie Piano Success Guarantee. With this guarantee, I promise to you that you will see a transformation in your piano playing if you can commit to the following 5 steps:

  1. You will commit to at least 5 days a week of practice
  2. You will practice for at least 5 minutes per day
  3. You remain realistic knowing that change happens slowly
  4. You follow the PianoWithWillie process and practice only 1 lesson at a time
  5. You remain patient with yourself and don’t give up

Students that find the greatest success at the piano realize that the process of learning an instrument is a journey…not a quick fix.

If you think you’ll sound like a pro with only days of practice, you’ve come to the wrong place. While it is possible to make some incredible gains at the piano with only a few weeks of practice. This usually involves hours of practice per day along with previous training.

My goal is to work with students that are looking to improve their piano skills, will devote at least some time for daily practice (see step #2 above) and understand that this process will take time to unfold…therefore they are willing to be patient during the process.

If this is you, but you still can not find success at the piano, then I am willing to take the time that is needed to help you find that success.

Rest assured, your investment at PianoWithWillie will be worth every cent. You will find success and be amazed at the transformation that is about to take place in your piano playing!

Sign up for a membership today and let’s change your piano playing together.

Willie Myette

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